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If a person have a car, there is no doubt that they have seen a gas pump is a gas station. Gas pumps have its rich history and evolved into hi-tech machine that supply us fuels for our cars. There are many vintage gas pumps that are still very popular today.

In the 1950s there are many gas pump coming from different oil manufacturers such as sinclair dino, mobilgas special, hot rod premium and shell. They are some examples of popular gas pumps that are still being collected until today.

One of the most popular and collected gas pumps by many vintage collectors is the Shell gas pumps. Many companies specialized in restoring vintage Shell gas pumps, nostalgic reproduction of vintage or antique gas station, Shell gas pumps are made for global sales. Many collectors have collection options due to the rich history of Shell gas pumps.

There are many Shell gas pumps that have been made for many gas stations through its existence. These vintage gas stations are restored for promotion or even used up until now for refilling gas. There some examples like a very cool and nicely restored Shell oil co. Gas pump. There are also some 1930's 1950's and more vintage Shell gas pumps that is available for collectors in any parts of the world.

The gas-pump trend was part of one people's protest against shell and other main stream oil and other large petroleum corporations. Shell gas pumps made many smaller franchise operators fail and the eventually out of business by jacking up rents.

Shell gas pumps have been mimicked in a way of protest. Until now, Shell is still one of the frontrunners of oil and gas sellers in the world. Although the competitions have made some moves, they are still in business and still control major stocks of fuel worldwide.

These days, you get to see a lot of companies fighting for the lion's share of the market. The environment is now highly competitive that consumers get to feel the fierce competition. Prices are driven lower with each new brand that surfaces. Promos are rampant. In fact, consumers are now faced with so many options. Sometimes it can get even more confusing to choose which brand to buy. However, there are a few industries though that managed to have an outstanding brand on it. So, what are examples of such brands?

For starters in the industry of soft drinks, there are two outstanding brands. These are Coke and Pepsi. Both companies have a long history of serving consumers that counts generations. Both too do not show any signs of slowing down. Every generation saw the evolution of these companies. These companies have managed to sustain people's interest through the years. Not only that, both continued to innovate new products for consumers.

Another example is in the field of gasoline. One outstanding brand is Shell. In fact, it is so popular that a vintage shell pump is in demand nowadays. Shell Gas Pumps of course have evolved into automated shell pumps now. However, there are people clamoring for an old shell pump. A shell gasoline pump back then can be single shell pump or double shell pump.

Its models can be clock face shell pump, visible shell pump or shell pump globe. Just like a vintage texaco fire chief pump, it can also be restored shell pump or unrestored shell pump. Bottom line, an antique shell pump can be costly. However, a replica shell pump for Shell fans that can't afford a genuine vintage piece is also available.

Thus, brands like Coke, Pepsi and Shell are just one of the few that made it through generations. Companies such as Shell have gained such popularity that even its antique gas pumps are sought after by vintage gasoline pump collectors nowadays.

Shell Gas Pumps